Jack and the werewolf

Jack and the werewolf

Wow, I am kind of in love with you. I check your blog everyday, and you are breathtakingly gorgeous. Just thought you ought to know. Have a lovely rest of the week from Anonymous

awh wow thank you!!<3 you’re a peach :* xoxx

What did you wear for your job interview at zumies? I'm applying and was just curious :) from Anonymous

I went for my group interview in June of last year so I wore shorts, a razorback tank top and my vans. but honestly, just do you. as long as you’re not being offensive (anything with swears on it or weed etc., and if you’re a guy not having your pants sagging to the floor or if you’re a girl then covering up the “girls”) then you’re golden. there’s absolutely no sort of cookie cutter mold you have to fit like at Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister. 

ps. if you’re interested in working there you might want to know how it’s spelled lol it’s Zumiez*